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Despite the sad news below,
we did have a great time during Summer Camp 2014!

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August 26, 2014

Dear Alumni and Friends of Camp Fire / Camp Hitaga,

This has been a particularly challenging year for our council, and as many of you are aware, Camp Fire/Camp Hitaga has been struggling for quite some time to increase council participation and financial support.  We did not meet the participation goal for summer camp 2014 and there is no reason to believe this trend will change in the future.  The current financial challenges include two bank loans, operational costs for the council and camp, and infrastructure costs to address camp deterioration.  The council is out of resources to meet these financial obligations and continue to offer programs and a summer camp experience. 

This situation has led the Board to begin the process of dissolution of the Camp Fire USA, Iowana Council Corporation.  What does dissolution mean?  It means the council will no longer hold a charter from Camp Fire National Headquarters and will begin the dissolution of the corporation in accordance with the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and the laws of the state of Iowa.  The dissolution process requires the council to liquidate assets to meet financial obligations, with any remaining assets transferred to National Headquarters.

The most difficult and emotional part of this process will be the sale of Camp Hitaga.  An oasis in the middle of nowhere that fostered lifelong friendships.  A place where campers and counselors sang, laughed, cried, and learned things they’ll carry with them forever.  This was a difficult vote for the board and one which would not have passed had we voted with our hearts.  The reality however, is that after 83 years we simply cannot continue and will proceed over the next few months to dissolve the council and sell Camp Hitaga. 

An alumni gathering is being planned for October.  As this process moves forward, more information will be available at and on the Camp Hitaga Alumni Facebook page. 

Questions and comments should be sent to

Hold your memories close,

Camp Fire USA Iowana Council Board of Directors

Joyce Moore, President
Elaina Kempin, 1st Vice President 
Karen Dunlap, Secretary
Joyce Maxwell, Treasurer/Alumni Relations
Sue Braun, Site & Facilities
Teri Schloss, Camp Program Committee
Jennifer Denner, Club Committee

On November 25, 2014 a new chapter began in the history of the land where Camp Hitaga had welcomed campers for 83 years. The property was sold to a couple from from Alburnett. Their offer was accepted on the basis of their ability to preserve the natural resources, repair the things that need to be repaired, and their willingness to share the land as a community resource. They and the Board are very thankful to alumni who pitched in to pack, haul, and prepare for the transition. The spirit of Hitaga lives on through the many donations of camp property and program equipment to area nonprofits.
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